MOCA Young Professionals

Seed funding for MOCA's Young Professionals Program was generously provided by Deloitte.

About MOCA Young Professionals

celebrating the 'now & next' of Chinese American culture

The Young Professionals (YP) of MOCA is a volunteer-driven program celebrating the 'now & next' of Chinese American culture.

YPs are first and foremost MOCA ambassadors - curating and hosting cultural celebrations to galvanize support for the Museum. YPs are also community builders - connecting and gathering young professionals who share MOCA's sense of mission, vision and story.

Outside of MOCA, YPs can be found scaling New York's most dynamic industries, including media, finance, non-profits, among others. YPs are of diverse, far-flung roots but call New York City their home.

MOCA generously supports YPs with mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities, with the goal of cultivating the next generation of Asian American leaders.

Join the YP Committees

If you're interested in creating new events or driving membership, we welcome new ideas and dedicated members! Look below for the different ways you can become more involved. Sign up for a committee at today!

Events Committee

The MOCA YP Events Committee develops and implements YP cultural and social programming, such as our upcoming YP Gala and the Experience + Exchange panel series.

Fundraising Committee

The MOCA YP Fundraising Committee generates resources for the YP Program itself and contributes to greater institutional funding and corporate and individual donor relations.

Membership Committee

The MOCA YP Membership Committee is dedicated to audience and membership outreach, promoting the growth of the YP Program and the Museum as a whole.

For more information on the Young Professionals program and to be added to our mailing list, please email us at

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